12 Good and Bad Qualities of an Aquarius

By Jilly | 10th January

1. Aquarians are often very unique and eccentric people. They might even come off as "weird" but usually in a good way.

2. An Aquarius is often very independent and knows how to get things done. They'd rather not waste time waiting for someone else's help.

3. An Aquarius sees beauty in your flaws and imperfections. They may try to help you, but they won't try to change you into something you're not.

4. Aquarians are very imaginative and tend to think more than the other signs. They can be very creative and intelligent, but can also drive themselves crazy with overthinking.

5. Aquarians believe in love without boundaries. They want a lover, a best friend and a soulmate all in one.

6. Aquarians are social people but they often feel like they don't fit in. In fact, they take pride in not fitting in and being their own person.

7. An Aquarius is the type of person who will ask you something . . . then get bored in the middle of your answer, zone out and not remember a thing.

8. Aquarians speak fluent sarcasm. They have a wicked sense of humor that can shock you, but also make you keel over in laughter.

9. Aquarians often don't show much emotion. They won't allow you to see their tears. But if you do, then something is very, very wrong.

10. If an Aquarius is mad, you will likely get the silent treatment When this happens, don't ask them what they're thinking. You DON'T want to know.

11. An Aquarius will stick to their guns and voice their opinion even if its an unpopular one. They are natural leaders, not followers.

12. To most, Aquarians may appear unemotional and detached. But beneath the surface lies a hurricane of emotions waiting to explode.

Do you find these 12 things true about an Aquarius? Are you one or do you know one? Share this with your Aquarius friends to see if they agree, then leave us a comment below on what you think about it!

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