This German Shepherd Found a Hilarious Way to Face His Fear of Slippery Floors

By Jilly | 10th January

House pets often have a hard time dealing with an object or person in their home that they aren't accustomed to. If an unknown person enters, it may alert them and raise their suspicions. Or, if there is a new, significant addition to a room, they start wondering where it came from and what its purpose is. What if that item was every floor in the house? There'd be no way to avoid it!

Watch the video below to watch this German Shepherd cower when faced with the long hallway of slippery floors, but then think of a way to defeat it! Sure, it takes him some time and you can definitely hear him complaining about it! But, in the end, that house is full of slippery floors just like this particular one and he will have to learn how to navigate them. With time, experience and other distractions (hopefully toys!), this dog will learn to live with the floors and master walking them. Until then, he resorts to this adorable solution for traversing them. Share this with your friends for a laugh, and then leave us a comment below with a funny story about one of your pets!

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