Kitten Tests Patience of Dalmatian Couple. Watch How They Treat Her!

By Jilly | 7th January

Often, there are videos of animals that don't get along and can't find a way to look past their differences. Whether it's a dog with a cat, a cat with a fish or a bird with a squirrel, animals have always fought and bickered over the difference in species. One hard aspect of this is introducing a dog or cat to a home that already has one or more animals. Sometimes there is an adjustment period where they don't trust each other and it can end up going horribly wrong!

This cute kitten is named Squirt and was fostered and adopted into this family with Dalmatians Louie and Lady. Together, they spend their days interacting and finding out more about each other. Although on the surface it looks like two massive dogs and one little kitten can't get along, these three are doing their best! Watch how the kitten throws caution to the wind and reaches out to the two like they are kittens from the same litter. That's a bold move! Leave us a comment below with a story about your pets getting along when you thought they wouldn't. Plenty of pet owners with multiple pets know all about this!

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