DO NOT Throw Out Your Watermelon Rind. Do THIS Instead!

By Jilly | 14th July

Often times, fruit and vegetables are eaten leaving the skin and seeds behind. However, it's the skin of many fruits and vegetables contains a lot of micronutrients. There are some people out there who realized how much of the nutrient content is being wasted and have created recipes to eat as much of the fruit and vegetable as possible. Watermelons for example, have a tough, green skin that is bitter and undesirable to eat. Beneath that is the watermelon rind, a hard but still moist layer that is white and then the typical red fruit centre. Everyone eats the red part of the watermelon and wastes the rind and skin. The rind may be plain on its own, but with a little kitchen creativity it makes a great addition to salads. An amazing salad recipe is shown in the tutorial video below. If the recipe is too complicated, use store bought salad dressing instead. Enjoy!

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