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Not everyone gets what they deserve

Posted : July 17th at 6:10am   /  

Don't talk, act

Posted : July 14th at 6:10am   /  

When you truly love someone

Posted : July 13th at 6:10am   /  

The ego wants quantity

Posted : July 10th at 6:10am   /  

Everyone needs a place

Posted : July 9th at 6:10am   /  

Sometimes having coffee

Posted : July 8th at 6:10am   /  

The best revenge

Posted : July 6th at 6:10am   /  

Create a life

Posted : July 5th at 6:10am   /  

Learn to trust the journey

Posted : June 28th at 6:10am   /  

Every challenge in your life

Posted : June 27th at 6:10am   /