Free PETA Kids Stickers

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Do you want to spread the message of animal safety? Now your kids can save animal lives by ordering 8 free PETA stickers with fun but important messages of animal safety. Enjoy 8 colorful illustrations with slogans like: "Respect all life." "Club soda not seals." " I am not a nugget, go vegan," and more. To order your free PETA kids stickers, just complete the request form. Once your order is placed, your stickers will be on the way in the mail. These stickers are not just for kids, they are also for adults. Place them on backpacks, purses, brief cases, in your office, on bikes, in the car. Spread the message to end cruelty to animals. Order your free PETA stickers today.

This offer is sponsored by PETA Kids. PETA Kids is dedicated to ending animal cruelty throughout the world through education. The organization helps kids 12 and under learn how to help animals.

Free PETA Kids Stickers

This offer is only valid for Canada and USA

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