Sun-Maid 100 Year Anniversary Book

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Are you looking for a little inspiration in the kitchen this summer? Download this free 100 Year Anniversary Sun-Maid Raisins Book with Recipes from around the world that features dozens of recipes from Sun-Maid products. Learn how to make delicious appetizers, desserts, and dinners. This is a 16 page book that not only has amazing recipes, but is a complete overview of the raisin's role in the economy and how they are produced and more! Download this Sun-Maid Raisins Book all for free! Just one more unbelievable offer from the best free stuff website on the internet!

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Since 1912, Sun-Maid has provided quality dried fruits and raisins to people around the world. The cooperative is owned by a family of farmers dedicated to growing the best raisin grapes that California soil can produce so that your family can truly enjoy the taste of the sun.

Sun-Maid 100 Year Anniversary Book

This offer is only valid for Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA

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