How To Earn Points

+1000 POINTS

  • Refer-a-Friend - When you refer a friend and they sign up & confirm their email, you get +1000 Points!


  • Riddles - We add a few of these each day. Get +50 Points when you answer correctly!


  • Visit Daily - Every 8 hours you visit us we will give you +50 points. Visit us again in for an additional +50 Points


  • Email Points - Click a link in an email from us and get +15 points.

+1500 Points and More

  • Points Hunt - From time to time we'll throw down a surprise 'Points Hunt' for our members. It may last a day, it may last a week.


  • Trivia Questions - We add a few of these each day. Get +50 Points when you answer correctly!


  • Polls - We try to add a new quick poll each day. Get +50 Points when you answer!

Signup Bonuses

+2500 POINTS

One of the best parts of being a member is earning points you can redeem for contest entries for the chance to win free stuff!


Every month, the top 50 points earners win a guaranteed prize, the top 10 points earners get a fee $25 gift card, and the top 11-50 points earners get a free $5 gift card. You can see who is the in the lead each month by checking our Leaderboard where we post the top 400 point earners in order.


We also host Members Only prize draws where you can redeem your points for free entries. Current Members Only prizes include Lululemon yoga pants, Amazon gift cards, MAC makeup, Fossil watches, and so much more.


Only members can earn points, so if you have not already joined, register for a free membership here. Once you’ve registered we’ll send you a confirmation email to validate your free membership.


When you valid your membership through your confirmation email, you’ll get 500 bonus points!


Below are all the ways you can earn bonus points.


Video Submission +2500 Points

The easiest way to earn the most points is to complete a video submission. When you submit a video talking about your experience with you’ll earn +2500 bonus points.


In your video, tell us all about your story. Show off some of the freebies you’ve scored, or any prizes you may have won. Share your video as a YouTube video and you might just see it posted on the site!


View some current video submissions here.


Points Hunt +1500 Points

We don’t do this often, but when we do it’s an amazing way to earn points. From time to time we’ll create a surprise “Points Hunt” challenge where members can hunt across all the pages on our site to find free points.


Points Hunts points values range from 1500, 500, 400, 300, 200, and 100.


The points will show up on specific pages as icons, click on the icons and claim your points! Once a Points Hunt popup is found, it changes locations to a new page on There is not limit to how many times you can win on the Points Hunt, and each country has its own Points Hunt game.


The surprise Points Hunt can last for as quick as a day or as long as a week. Don’t worry about missing out, we email our members to notify them of the latest points hunts.


Refer a Friend! +1000 Points

The next best way to easily earn points is to refer a friend. Let your friends know about how awesome is and all the amazing offers you can claim. When you refer a friend to and they sign up and confirm their email, you’ll earn 1000 points!


Be sure to visit this page to refer a friend.


Signup Bonuses

Here is another easy way to earn a couple hundred bonus points. Earn 300 bonus points when you complete a signup bonus.


You can also easily find the Signup Bonuses under the “Easy Points” dropdown menu and by using this link.


Visit Daily +50 Points

Visit us daily and earn an extra 50 points every 8 hours and we’ll give you an additional 50 points. You can even visit us more than once a day to get those extra points, the bonus points kick in for every 8 hours you visit us. So visit every 8 hours to get +50 bonus points!


Riddles +50 Points

What’s fun, thought-provoking, and full of bonus points? Our riddles of course! We post a few new riddles every day and you’ll get an additional +50 Points for each riddle you answer correctly. So if you love brain teasers and free points, be sure to check our riddles daily to get your bonus points.


Check out our riddles here.


Trivia Questions +50 Points

We love trivia questions, and like our riddles, we post a few trivia questions daily. Like with the riddles, you’ll get +50 bonus points for every question you answer correctly. Show off your trivia knowledge and get those points.


See our trivia questions here.


Polls +50 Points

We love hearing what our members think, that’s why we post our polls. We try to post a new poll every day to help our members get points and share their opinions. The polls are quick and easy to answer, and you’ll get a bonus +50 points for each poll you answer. There are no wrong answers, we just want to know your honest opinions.


Answer our current polls here.


Open Email Links +15 Points

We send our members emails to make sure they never miss out on the best and most exclusive online freebies, contests, prize draws, discounts, and more. We also include links to polls, trivia, and riddles in emails.


When you click on a link from one of our emails, you’ll instantly earn an extra 15 bonus points.

Bonus Hint: When you open an email link for a poll, trivia question, or riddle you’ll get the 15 bonus points but also get the +50 bonus points if you answer correctly/answer the poll.


What are you waiting for? Start earning your points now!

Only members of can earn points. Membership is free! Once you register we'll send you a confirmation email to validate your free membership.

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