How To Earn Points

+1000 POINTS

  • Refer-a-Friend - When you refer a friend and they sign up, you get +1000 Points!


  • Riddles - We add a few of these each week. Get +50 Points when you answer correctly!


  • Visit Daily - Every 8 hours you visit us we will give you +50 points. Visit us again in for an additional +50 Points


  • Email Points - Click a link in an email from us and get +15 points.

+1500 Points and More

  • Points Hunt - From time to time we'll throw down a surprise 'Points Hunt' for our members. It may last a day, it may last a week.


  • Trivia Questions - We add a few of these each week. Get +50 Points when you answer correctly!


  • Polls - We try to add a new quick poll each week. Get +50 Points when you answer!


  • Sponsored Offers - Whenever you visit a sponsored offer and click 'Get it Now' get +10 Point.


  • Get it Now - Whenever you visit a page and click 'Get it Now' get +1 Point.

Why collect points?

  1. To win Leaderboard Prizes
  2. To win our Exclusive Prize Draws
  3. More ways to win coming soon!

Top 400 Leaderboard Members:

Each month we select 4 Leaderboard members to win our cash giveaways

  • 1st prize is 100
  • 2nd prize is 80
  • 3rd prize is 60
  • 4th prize is 60

If you're a top point earner, we'll showcase you on our Leaderboard. Only our top 400 point earners will earn a spot here. Every month we hold a $100 prize draw for all leaderboard members. The odds are one in 100 chance of winning this cash giveaway! Everyones points reset to zero at the beginning of each month so that all members have an equal chance to get in the game and win.

We also hold two grand prize draws every year worth $500 each. We draw this once in June, and again in December. You earn 1 ballot for every 50 points you score, so the more points you earn, the better change you'll have to win these giveaways.

Only members of can earn points. Membership is free! Once you register we'll send you a confirmation email to validate your free membership.

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