What Form of Art Can Elephants Do?

Amazingly, elephants have shown the ability to successfully do this form of art? The non-profit Asian Elephant Art & Conservation Project was established in 1998 by two artists who use this certain elephant-created art to benefit elephants in human care as well as those in the wild. According to the project's website, the training process for this form of art is stimulating and based on positive reinforcement, and part of the group's mission is to educate elephant trainers about how to safely and carefully train domesticated elephants. You can purchase this art with the funds going to local communities that rely on elephants for their value in tourism, as well as conservation agencies that reintroduce elephants into the wild and to fight illegal poaching in Southeast Asia. So, which type of art is it? Share this poll with your friends on social media and don't forget to leave us a comment below!

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