Adult Son Wants His Mother to Find True Love

By Jilly | 24th August

Eva is a 69 year old woman from Norway who's been down on her luck in the love department. Over the past few years she's tried to go out on dates and find love, but there hasn't been anyone deserving enough to win her heart. 

Her adult son Alex, wants nothing more than for his mother to find the love of a good man, so he started a little project that his mother did not know about. He began secretly recording his mom over the course of a year. He took the footage and then posted it online in hopes of helping his mom find true love. The video has since been viewed over 15 million times and the email Alex set up has been flooded with those interested. 

Alex is not sure what will come of this project of his, or if his mom will find true love, but he's happy to at least do his part in making that happen for her. 

This heartwarming story is too cute for words. How would you feel if someone did this for you? Comment below. 


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