This Baby Elephant Can't Understand How His Trunk Works. So Cute!

By Jilly | 31st December

Newborn infants have trouble finding out how to use their arms and legs properly. The same goes for some young animals that grow faster than they can keep up with! In this case, it's a baby elephant that seems confused on what to do with its trunk. What's its purpose? Can I drink with it? Eat something? The elephant can't seem to make up its mind on what it wants to do with its trunk! Watch the video below to see just how adorable this baby elephant really is.

Although there are plenty of older elephants around steering the baby elephant in the right direction, their efforts don't seem to educate it how to use its trunk. Do you see how they are trying to send a message after awhile! It's so cute how they try to parent it but it can't figure out what to do. Leave us a comment below on what you think this elephant is up to!

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