Baby With New Shoes Discovers Ability That Will Make Anyone Laugh

By Jilly | 22nd February

Once a child is born, it's time to clean and dress them to prepare for the outside world. Many pregnant women receive gifts from friends and family to celebrate the milestone. This includes bundles of clothing that the baby will either fit into right away, or after a few months. Their rapid growth means that they will always be adding new clothes and getting rid of the old stuff as they grow out of it. So, when they do receive new clothing, it's always a good time.

Watch the video below to see the reaction this baby and his mother have when he puts on his new shoes. Originally, his mother had obtained them thinking that they were a normal pair of baby shoes just like the other pairs. Once he put them on, however, everything changed and hilarity ensued. How adorable! Share this with your friends to show them just how cute babies can be when they discover something new and exciting. After, leave us a comment below with a funny story about babies!

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