Bull Mastiff Dog Protects House from Approaching Burglar. Beware of Dog!

By Jilly | 24th February

Have you ever walked by a house and seen the 'Beware of Dog' sign on the fence to enter their yard? Sometimes, it's a hoax and they don't even own a dog. Still, it's a good way to keep burglars or weirdos at bay by letting them know that a dangerous dog may or may not confront them if they enter uninvited. In this case, there is a dog on the other side of the fence and it is in fact quite dangerous.

Watch the video below to see the reaction that a neighborhood burglar has when the dogs approach him. Initially, he sets about stealing items from the unsuspecting house's backyard. As he leaves with his second grab, out come the dogs! The way they frighten him will forever be a hilarious image to anyone that sees it. What did you think of that bull mastiff's bravery in chasing the thief away? Share this with your friends to share a laugh and show them how nice it is to have a dog protecting your yard. After, leave us a comment below with what breed of dog you would like to have if you had one to protect your yard!

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