Ecstatic Chihuahua Reacts to Newborn Girl Coming Home

By Jilly | 23rd February

Have you ever brought home a puppy to show to your kids, whether they are young or older? For the most part, they will respond positively and are super excited to have a new family dog. What if the roles were reversed? In this case, it's a tiny chihuahua that can't handle the excitement when he realizes that his mom is bringing a newborn daughter home. Look at the little dog named Milo go!

Watch the video below to see how he reacts upon seeing his mom exit the car with the baby. That's one more added to the family, and there may be more on the way! If this video doesn't make you want kids and a dog, then who knows what will. They're so cute! Share this with your friends to show them how adorable this dog's reaction is. After, leave us a comment below with your thoughts on owning a dog while taking care of a baby. Is it a lot of hard work or is it all worth it? Based on this video, it seems like it is!

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