Three-Year-Old Volunteers to Deliver Baby Goat

By Jilly | 17th February

Maybe you have seen dogs or cats give birth before to a litter of puppies and kittens. How about a farm animal? Residents can help certain animals with the birthing process. In this case, it's a goat giving birth to a female. The farmer's daughter decides to take it  upon herself to deliver the newborn and does so with ease. Is it really that easy to do? What if you had to do it?

Watch the video below to watch how a young child accepts responsibility for delivering the baby goat. Taught by her mother, this three-year-old demonstrates just how smart and caring she already is! Do you think you would be able to perform this task with the same amount of attention and dedication? She knows exactly what she's doing! Share this with your friends to show them the joy of birth and how the younger generation can surprise us with their ways. After, leave us a comment below with what you would do if someone on a farm told you that you had to help deliver a baby goat!

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