New Law Calls For Parents To Pay a Hefty Fine For Their Child's Bullying

By Jilly | 24th August

The nature vs. nurture debate is one of the oldest psychology debates. Does a person's development depend on external factors when they are growing up or is it hardwired in their DNA to be a certain way? The idea is so heavily debated because it is not a black and white answer. Both sides of the debate have very valid points.

City council in Shawano, Wisconsin, has taken a firm belief that nurturing is the key to healthy development and puts blame on parents of students who act out. In an effort to stop school bullying, the city council passed new regulations requiring parents to pay a fine of $366 if their child is caught bullying other students. A second offence within one year costs parents $681! These steep fines directed at parents indicate it is the parent's responsibility to correct their child's behavior. The city council's decision has sparked a lot of debate. Parents are being punished for the actions of their child and somehow this is supposed to translate into better behaving school children.

While parents have a large influence on a child's life, there are other factors to consider. Maybe it is in that child's DNA to be aggressive and mean. Maybe they learned bad behavior from those around them whether it's from siblings, teachers, students, or whoever else. Despite this, parents are taking the sole blame for bad behaviour.

The following details and debate really got me thinking. Do you think parents should take responsibility for their child's actions at school? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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