Crow and Dog Meet to See if They're Compatible. Will They Get Along?

By Jilly | 1st March

Who wins between a black crow and dog when the dog owner tosses a ball between them? In this case, it's a German Shepherd with a ping pong ball. Although the dog is used to playing with the ball alone, there is a new friend in town. Will they get along? This video creator rescued an abandoned crow and brought it home to see if they would play together. Who could have ever expected the outcome?

Watch the video below to see how the two get along together. It's always crazy to see different species play together, especially between domesticated species and wild ones. A cat can live with a dog because both are domesticated, but even then they sometimes end up fighting! That isn't the result for these two new friends. They know how to share something as simple as a ping pong ball and still be equally entertained. Share this with your friends to show them true love between the most unlikely of companions. After, leave us a comment below on whether or not you would ever rescue a crow and bring it home. What would you two do together?

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