A Crow and Squirrel Fight Over the Last Slice of Pizza. Who Will Win?

By Jilly | 27th February

The whole ordeal starts in the street and ends with a cliffhanger. Who won the battle for the final slice of pizza? It's a fight that's been going on since the invention of pizza. There's never enough to go around and fill everyone so inevitably, at least two people will be fighting over the last slice! How did you usually fare when that time came? Do you give it up or take it for yourself?

Watch the hilarious video below to see how the two of them start and continue their fight over the slice of pizza. The crow is cunning, but the squirrel seems to have the upper edge on where to go and avoid it. Who are you rooting for? Either way, this is a super funny moment and these people were lucky enough to capture it on video to share it with us! Spread the favor and share this with your friends to see what they think of the whole thing. After, leave us a comment below with a funny incident you witnessed between two animals or one you had yourself with an animal!

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