Dad Confronts His Daughter After Cupcakes Go Missing, so She Takes Off Running!

By Jilly | 25th February

What happens after you bake a fresh batch of cupcakes and leave them unprotected? Your kids will sneak in when you're not looking and eat them all, that's what! In this case, it's a naughty daughter that does the misdeed and opts to take four of the cupcakes that her father had prepared. Instead of disciplining her like some parents would out of frustration, he chooses the high ground.

Watch the video below to see the hilarious antics that ensue upon discovering that his little girl has eaten all of them. She instantly knows what she has done wrong and takes off running! Is this how it would go down if your kids ate all of the baked goods you prepared? Hopefully you would be able to laugh it off because we all know as children we would have done the same thing! Who can pass up sweets like that? Share this with your friends to show them a funny video on parenting done right. After, leave us a comment below with a funny story about baked goods getting eaten before they should have been!

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