Deer in Backyard Ignores Open Gate for a More Dramatic Exit

By Jilly | 13th February

Have you ever had an animal enter your backyard and put up a fuss about leaving? Maybe it was an opossum creeping through your garden at night. Or, rather, it could be a pack of squirrels fighting amongst themselves on your lawn. In this case, it's a deer that wants to leave, but simply can't think of a way to do so. Watch the video below to see its hilarious antics as the house owners start moving towards it. They were smart enough to bring a video camera along to capture the silly actions of the deer! Although they left their backyard gate open for it to leave, the deer remained there for hours, scrambling from corner to corner while searching for an exit.

When the deer started to get dangerously close to their pool, they took action and moved towards it. Faced with humans, the deer resorted to desperate measures to make its dramatic escape. What happens next is hilarious! Share this with your friends to show them how funny it can be having wildlife enter your backyard. After, leave us a comment below with a funny story that happened to you when you stumbled across some wildlife!

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