This Dog Hates Bath Time So Much That He'll Do Anything To Avoid It

By Jilly | 6th January

Dogs and kids definitely have this one thing in common: they hate bath time! Well, not all of them do, but surely most have thrown a fit about it at some point. Nobody wants to drop what they're doing to get all wet and soapy in a bath, unless there are toys in it! We've all seen the videos of parents trying to convince kids it's bath time. Whether they trick, chase or drag them into the bathroom, there's always a struggle to get them there. The same goes for dogs–a lot of them will do anything in their power to avoid it. The worst part for owners is that dogs are a lot faster, stronger and smarter than kids!

Mylo the boxer has his own way of expressing his disdain for bath time. Watch the video below to see his hilarious reaction to being told to take a bath! His owner likely deals with this every time that she wants to bathe him, but can you blame him? To a dog like him, being dirty is his natural state. He likes smelling like whatever he rolled in that day! Be sure to watch the video and leave us a comment telling us something funny about someone you know that doesn't like baths. Is it you? Sure hope not!

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