You're Folding Fitted Sheets All Wrong. Here's How It's Supposed To Be Done!

By Jilly | 11th January

This trick will save you space and energy so that fitted sheets are no longer a frustration. After washing and drying a fitted sheet, it can be hard to fold and store properly. This video and set of instructions teaches you the proper, easy way to do so:


1. Hold the sheet lengthwise by both corners with the right side towards your body.

2. Fold corner 1 over corner 2 as shown in the video. Slide your hand down the edge and pick up corner 3 to tuck it in.

3. Slide your hand down the other edge and pick up corner 4 to tuck it in the same spot as corner 3.

4. Turn to the opposite side and straighten the two edges. 

5. Place it on a surface such as a table. Fold and fluff the end and then fold it into thirds long way.

6. Fold it into thirds again, this time the short way. If you have a Queen or King size sheet, you might want to fold it in fourths instead. All done!

This takes some practice and certainly may be frustrating in the beginning. In the end, it's bound to look better than simply folding it into a ball and calling it acceptable. Try and try again, it's not that hard!

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