New Footage Shows What Appears to Be a Ghost. Is it Real?

By Jilly | 2nd February

Do you believe in ghosts? There has always been evidence that supports both sides. For people that believe, there are countless pictures and videos of encounters that may seem inexplicable. However, many of them have been debunked as fake or another explanation. However, to this day, some still haven't been solved and leave the viewers with more questions than when they started. What makes you believe or not believe in ghosts?

Watch the video below to see more evidence that they may be real. What do you see? Can you explain how it isn't a ghost? Or, is it proof that it may be one? The security footage isn't the most high resolution, perfect image. Yet, it still shows something and it's moving! Share this with your friends to see what they believe. Have you ever talked to them about it? After, leave us a comment below with a memory of yours that made you start or stop believing in ghosts. Hopefully it wasn't too scary!

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