Footage of a Plane Flying into the Eye of Hurricane Irma

By Jilly | 8th September

Hurricane Irma is one of the biggest hurricanes to strike in quite some time. It was a category 5 with winds up to 185 mph, can you imagine? This video shows a piolet in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plane, flying into the eye of the hurricane. This was done to help predict the path she may take. When you watch the weather channel the next time and see those path predictions, remember this pilot. 

Strong winds can be seen hitting the plan as it flies it's way to the center. You can clearly see the transition when the plane enters the eye because all is calm and beautiful. Definitely something to see!

Do you know someone being affected by the storm, or you affected yourself. Don't forget to SHARE this video footage with friends and family, they'll love to see it .

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