German Shepherd Puppy Confused by His Owner's Cell Phone

By Jilly | 2nd March

Intelligent dogs and breeds often pick up on human behavior and can understand what is going on when their owner does something. Still, there are times when a dog simply doesn't comprehend their actions and doesn't intend to. In this case, it's a German Shepherd puppy named Herbie who has just been introduced to his owner's cell phone. Being one of the older phones from before smart phones became popular, this mobile phone plays some of the classic, older ringtones that are built into the phone's system.

Watch the video below to see the adorable reaction that Herbie has when his owner plays all of the tones for him. Who could possibly be calling him? It doesn't help that his giant ears give away that he is so obviously confused. Maybe with age he will learn more about what a phone is and why it rings! Until then, Herbie will be left in the dark and remain confused on what the noise is and whether he should be on the alert. Share this with your friends to show them how cute German Shepherd puppies are! After, leave us a comment below with a funny story about one of your pets!

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