Nine-Year-Old Girl is a Fearless Snake Handler and She Wants You To Be One Too

By Jilly | 14th February

Krista is a nine-year-old with guts. Raised in a household full of reptiles, her father handles them and lets her watch and learn to do the same. Ever since she first held a snake at the age of two, she has been fascinated by them and wants to change the public perspective of them. Are you afraid of snakes or other reptiles? Watch the video below to see just how harmless they can be and how Krista manages them!

Share this with your friends to see if they would ever consider holding snakes as big as the ones Krista usually handles! It certainly requires a lot of bravery and attentiveness. Since she started from a young age and has a skilled snake expert as a father, Krista obviously has an advantage. Her overall message for anyone watching is that they should not be scared of snakes as people normally are. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try! After, leave us a comment below about what your favorite snake is and if you would hold it or not!

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