12 Good and Bad Qualities of a Capricorn

By Jilly | 11th January

1. A Capricorn will often come off as a bit shy and reserved. But they have a wild and crazy side that they only reveal to a select few.

2. When a Capricorn procrastinates, it's usually out of fear of failure. They spend a lot of time planning and feel a need to do things perfectly.

3. Capricorns appear patient on the surface. But in their minds, they're dying for you to hurry up or move over and let them do the job.

4. It's difficult to change a Capricorn's mind. They are as stubborn as they are determined.

5. Capricorns are extremely protective, and at times, overprotective of their family and people they love.

6. Capricorns are good at hiding their true feelings. They will often put on a brave face even if their world is falling apart.

7. Capricorns will sometimes take more time to get comfortable in a social setting. They secretly fear that people are always judging them.

8. Don't be upset if a Capricorn grows cold and stops caring. They once did, but you were either too blind to see it or you took it for granted.

9. Capricorns are known to be highly practical, traditional and tough. But often behind their tough exterior is a hopeless romantic.

10. When a Capricorn loves, they love hard. And they have an even harder time letting go.

11. You can compliment them all you want, but a Capricorn pays attention to your actions, not your words.

12. Capricorns are said to be allergic to stupidity, so if you don't have any Capricorns in your life then . . . 

Do you find these 12 things true about a Capricorn? Are you one or do you know one? Share this with your Capricorn friends to see if they agree, then leave us a comment below on what you think about it!

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