How to Make Grapefruit Veggie Wash

By Jilly | 6th January

If you are preparing a dish or several that require an overwhelming amount of vegetables, this grapefruit veggie wash is perfect. The mixture effectively disinfects each veggie and they can be quickly rinsed and set to the side to get diced, sliced or chopped. Here's how to make it:

Grapefruit Veggie Wash

Materials needed:

1 tbsp organic liquid castile soap

2 tsp grapefruit seed extract

16 oz distilled water

Spray bottle


1. Using a funnel, pour the castile soap and grapefruit seed extract into a spray bottle.

2. Add the distilled water and put the lid back on the spray bottle. Shake.

3. Spray each vegetable with the bottle and then rinse. All done!

This mixture is easy to make and only requires three ingredients! It will come in handy for quick vegetable washing when there are more vegetables than you can count. Give it a try!

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