Horse Friends Meet Again for the First Time in Four Years. Are They Still Pals?

By Jilly | 15th February

There's not much more emotional than a tearful reunion with long lost friends or family. Spending years apart in different parts of the country or the world can be devastating once you are reunited. Have you experienced that sensation before? Well, it has been debated for a long time whether animals can feel that way as well. Some animals considered to be more intelligent than others have shown signs of interaction and emotion similar to human traits. Are horses one of those animals?

Watch the video below to consider whether or not these horses can truly show emotion. After being raised together as foals, the trio of horses named Arthur, William and Harry were separated. Arthur was sold and moved away. After four years, his owner bought him back and decided to put him with his old friends. Will they remember him? Watch to find out! Share this with your friends to show them a video that demonstrates that other animals can show signs of emotion and memory. After, leave us a comment below on what you think of the reunion!

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