The Way To Remove Skin Tags Doctors Don't Want You To Know About

By Emily | 8th May

While skin tags are not necessarily harmful, they are not always appreciated by those who have them. This common skin condition can develop at any time, any age. They typically grow in places where there is skin to skin contact or friction with fabrics. These pesky but benign tumors are often found on the groin, armpits, eyelid, under the breasts and the neck. The development of skin tags seems to be hereditary but that’s not their only cause. Pregnant women are more likely to develop them due to hormonal changes. They’re also more prevalent in middle aged and older individuals.

Skin tags although not harmful but they can become irritated by shaving, clothing, jewelry or eczema. I have one on my neck that snags my necklace!

Because of their unsightliness (they can look like warts or moles) and annoying nature, some people choose to have them surgically removed by professional dermatologists. Although obviously effective, this option is pretty pricey and not necessary!

Fortunately, there are inexpensive home remedies for skin tags. To remove skin tags, you can use tea tree oil, oregano oil, dandelion juice, lemon juice, garlic paste, castor oil, onion juice and even banana peels topically. Some people even use duct tape or nail polish – yikes! My friend once tried lancing her own and yowzers, do they ever bleed a lot!

Our favorite method is cheap, safe (you can give yourself a wicked skin burn with oregano oil and nail polish can lead to blistering) and effective. Plus, you only need one simple ingredient!

All you need is a bit of apple cider vinegar and you'll be on your way. Check out how it's done in the following video and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Remember to share this handy tip with your family and friends too!

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