Kit Kat Chocolate Meets Ice Cream.. This Cake Will Blow You Away!

By Jilly | 1st March

Ice cream is a delicious treat for any occasion and in this step by step video you can learn to make your very own at home. By using Kit Kat candy bars around the outside this frozen dessert looks just as good as it tastes. Even if you lack skills in the kitchen this simple recipe is foolproof. By choosing your favourite flavour of ice cream you can create new combinations for any child's birthday. While some cakes can sell for more than fifty dollars this easy solution will certainly save money if you're on a budget. The in depth explanations and details help ensure that your cake will turn out perfectly. By making the cake ahead of time it can even be left in the freezer for several days to help keep it's shape. This tasty treat will be sure to please your entire family! SHARE if you love ice cream cake

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