A 12-Year-Old Girl's Letter to Herself

By Jilly | 13th January

This video talks about a young girl, Tylor who passed away very suddenly, after experienced complications from pneumonia. She was a smart girl, full of life and good will. After her passing, her parents came across a secret letter that Taylor has written to herself, with instructions to open in the year 2023. The family decided to read the letter and share it with their church. Eventually, they decided to share the letter's contents with the world - and we are glad they did.

In the letter, Taylor reminds her older self of the things that we most important to past self: her work in the church and maintaining a close relationship with God. She asks what future her is doing with her life - did she go to college? She reminds herself that working hard is important and that she should always take a break and watch a little Dr. Who :) Her letter is a wonderful reminder that we never know what the future has in store for us and we should make the time we have count.

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