How to Make a Melted Crayon Ornament

By Jilly | 17th December

Is your Christmas tree looking a bit bare or not decorative enough leading up to the big occasion? Here is a DIY guide to creating your very own artsy ornaments just in time for the holidays this year!

Melted Crayon Ornament

Materials needed:


Clear ornaments

Hair dyer


1. Unwrap the paper from each crayon you are using and break the crayon into small pieces with your hands.

2. Remove the top from a clear ornament and add two pieces of crayon to the inside of it. Warm the sides of the ornament with a hair dryer. 

3. The crayon wax will begin to melt while you have the hair dryer on the ornament so you can spin and twist the ornament to decorate the inside with wax as you please.

4. Insert the top of the ornament back on and place it on your tree. Voila!

Now, you can make your very own decorative ornaments with supplies that are already stored away! With the many different colors of crayons available, you can exercise a lot of creativity to decoreate your tree this Christmas. What are you waiting for?

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