Parrot Puts on a Show For Anyone Who Will Watch

By Jilly | 28th February

Do you know someone who owns a bird or do you have one for yourself? They are very entertaining animals, especially when they are domesticated species such as parrots. People who own them will have plenty of stories about funny things that some of them will repeat or say. Others say that they can snip and be cranky birds sometimes, but most of the time they are great pets! Would you ever own one?

Watch the hilarious video below to see this particular parrot that enjoys playing games with its owners. They continuously find entertainment from playing with their parrot, who seems to be happier than the average pet. Gather around and this parrot will put a performance on for anyone in the area! I'll bet that this parrot is popular when guests come over. Little kids will love playing peek-a-boo together! Does this make you want to get one of your own? They're certainly not that popular as pets but still can be found. Share this with your friends to see if they would have interest in keeping a bird in their home. After, leave us a comment below on whether or not you would want to have a parrot in your house!

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