This Poisonous Snake Wanted to Eat a Python, so the Camera Started Filming

By Jilly | 20th January

What happens when a snake decides to snack on a fellow snake? The result is strange because they can be the same size, or the other one might even be longer. How do they fit then? The answer awaits near Brisbane, Australia, where a homeowner found this horrifying sight. They are lucky that the snakes were distracted with each other! The snake eating the other one is a deadly eastern brown snake, and the victim is a non-venomous carpet python. A brown snake is known as one of the world's most deadliest snakes!

The husband and wife team of Sally and Norm Hill were called to act as snake catchers once the homeowner stumbled upon these two going at it. They proceeded to grab their camera and film it because the end result was amazing even to experienced snake catchers like them. Can you believe the effort this brown snake is putting forth to swallow the python? Nature is simply amazing sometimes! Share this with your friends to give them a good scare. After, leave us a comment below with a fond memory you have of a snake!

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