Poltergeist Activity Captured on Security Footage or Fake? You Decide!

By Jilly | 7th February

What would you do if you set up security cameras in your home and noticed something odd after reviewing the footage? Watch the video below to find out what happened when a young girl's mom did just that. The girl had previously complained to her parents that she had observed strange things happening in the home. Since she's young, the girl spends most of her time at home playing with her toys or on various other activities like doodling. This clip shows how a presence, presumably a poltergeist, interrupts her day with a message of its own!

It must be terrifying to leave your child alone and have this happen to them. So, what would your first step be? Debunk the video or do something about it? Do you think this footage is real? Share this with your friends to see what they think about all of this! After, leave us a comment below with what you would do if you found this video of these things happening in your home.

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