8 Things You Have the Right to Expect From Your Relationship

By Jilly | 17th January

Being in a relationship can be a lot of work. It can also be a lot of reward. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what we should what to (reasonably) expect in a relationship. Should you always split the bill? Do you have to spend all of your free time together? Perhaps you should first focus on the basics.

When you are in a relationship of any kind, there are some things that you should expect to receive from your partner. These are, of course, also things you should give back to your partner. If you are in a relationship where these thing exist on both sides, it's a relationship worth keeping.

1. Affection

2. Compassion

3. Consideration

4. Time

5. Interest

6. Intimacy

7. Generosity

8. Respect

Tell us a little about your relationship - do you have these eight basic things?

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