How to Make Shot Glass Snow Globes

By Jilly | 14th December

This Christmas, you need these cute little globes for your tree. Trust me, your tree could use a shot glass or two. Alcohol not included!

Shot Glass Snow Globes

Materials needed:

Cork board

Shot glass

Black Sharpie marker


Small ornament

Epsom salt

Hot glue gun

Decorations (pipe cleaner, buttons, string)


1. Trace the outline of the shot glass rim on the cork board with a marker.

2. Cut the circle out of the cork board.

3. Hot glue the bottom of the ornament and place it on the cork board.

4. Place the epsom salts in the shot glass and hot glue around the rim.

5. Place the shot glass hot glue side down on the cork board. 

6. For decoration. you can wrap a pipe cleaner around the bottom of the shot glass and cut off any remaining length of it.

7. Insert a string between the holes of a button and hot glue the button onto the top of your ornament. It is now ready to hang in the tree!

There you have it. Now, you can learn to make your own ornaments again and pass on the expensive department store ones. Merry Christmas!

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