Superhero Dad With Lightning Reflexes Saves Kids Just In Time

By Jilly | 29th December

A parent's love for their children knows no bounds. They will do anything to make sure they are loved and safe! This includes rushing into harm's way to protect them from any harm. In this case, it's a vehicle flying towards them that causes this father to step in and take action. Watch the crazy video below to see it all play out in a matter of seconds!

According to information from the incident, an accident happened at 9AM in the South Jambi area in Indonesia. A Toyota vehicle lost control and crashed into the garage where this father was working while his children played nearby. Luckily enough, this man has catlike reflexes and was able to grab them and move out of harm's way just in the nick of time! This video is a testament to the danger that parents will put themselves in to protect their children. Have you ever seen anything like this? Everyone knows that we would all do the same thing for our kids! Leave us a comment below telling us about a time that you were rescued by your parents or when you had to rescue your own children!

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