These Guys Sit Quietly In The Room. But Watch The One In Red. INCREDIBLE!

By Jilly | 6th July

Vocal Point is a 9-man a cappella group from Brigham Young University in Utah known for their incredibly smooth and meticulously rehearsed vocal creations. They recently released their own adaptation of Sarah McLachlan's song "When She Loved Me." The song was originally created for the movie Toy Story 2, but Vocal Point's rendition has re-invented the tune. Fans of Vocal Point and a cappella have been replaying the new music video over and over. Vocal Point is well-known for its vocal power and outstanding vocal percussion. After the televised competition The Sing-Off in 2011, Vocal Point was put at the forefront of a cappella. A top five finish allowed them to gain local and international fans. Even Deke Sharon, vocal producer of The Sing Off, had nothing but kind words to say about the group. He commented, "That's about the most professional group at the collegiate level anywhere." Catch their performance of "When She Loved Me" down below.

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