What Does Dad do When Mom's Away?

By Jilly | 17th August

Rujeana is a mother of two adorable kiddos. She decided recently to set up a video camera so that their Grandma could see the kids when they were being adorable and cute. What she didn't expect is that she'd catch her husband and what happens when she's away. 

From the looks of things both kids are having a great time, but it appears that dad's the one having the most fun here. He decided to take a break from doing laundry (let's just give him another gold star for this one), and take his turn at busting a move in the living room. 

His oldest daughter, seemed rather excited and turns to dance with him, shaking her pom poms to the beat. Before they big finale, dad grabbed the pom poms and puts his best moves forward to end the show. This perfomance is not only adorable but its a great memory for those kiddos to have with their dad for many years to come!

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