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Takes most of your life to learn how to live...

Posted : June 24th at 10:47am   /  

When people ask when I want to eat...

Posted : June 23rd at 10:44am   /  

When you want to get in shape for summer...

Posted : June 22nd at 10:37am   /  

When you finally get a day all to yourself...

Posted : June 21st at 10:35am   /  

When my co workers need me on vacation

Posted : June 20th at 10:34am   /  

My kind of Fitness

Posted : June 19th at 10:32am   /  

Your inner old person

Posted : June 18th at 10:27am   /  

Happy Father's Day!

Posted : June 17th at 10:29am   /  

Who remembers times like these?

Posted : June 16th at 10:25am   /  

Actively not listening

Posted : June 15th at 10:06am   /