Free Chocolate Coupons

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Free chocolate coupons? Yes, please!

What a delicious food offer!

To celebrate the Olympics, Hershey's is offering coupons valid for $1.50 off a Hershey's Gold chocolate bar everytime a US Olympic athlete or team wins a gold medal! 

The coupon is for $1.50, so depending on where you go you'll either get a free or nearly free chocolate bar!

Be sure to follow the Hershey's Twitter and Facebook pages to be notified of the latest gold medals and free product coupon giveaways.

Every time an athlete wins gold, there will be 10,000 coupons up for grabs, that you can redeem for free Hershey chocolate samples.

To get your coupon, click on the link on their Facebook or Twitter pages to get yours. You'll want to act fast before the 10,000 coupons have been claimed! 

If you have the option, turn on notifications for those posts to get updated each time there's a new gold medal win!

This is such a fun way to mix chocolate and the Olympics! Two great things.

This promotion is running throughout the duration of the Olympics, so you won't want to miss out.

The Hershey's Gold bar is made from caramelized creme, salty and crunchy peanuts, with delicious pretzels. Sounds delicious to me! 

Hershey's is one of the world's most famous and loved chocolate brands, producing a variety of delicious types of chocolate. To get some for free is truly an amazing offer. 

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Click on the image for the official rules. 

Only valid when US Olympic athletes win gold, only the first 10,000 users to click the link will get coupons. Maximum one coupon per person, each coupon is valued at $1.50. 

Free Chocolate Coupons

This offer is only valid for USA

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