This is an Members Only Draw offered by for our members only! Use your All Time Points to buy entries into prize draws you'd like to win. When the entries limit is reached, we'll do the draw!

 new mom gift basket

This is a Members Only Draw offered by for our members only! Use your All Time Points to buy entries into prize draws you'd like to win. When the entries limit is reached, we'll do the draw!

Are you a new mom, or know someone who’s about the become a parent for the first time? We’re giving our fans the chance to win a New Mom Gift Basket filled to the brim with all the most-wanted essentials for mom survival and new baby!

Being a new parent is overwhelming! There are so many items you need to buy, and things you need to have on hand, it can be an expensive endeavor. Let us help you ease your transition into motherhood by giving you all the necessities you need for your new baby boy or baby girl for free! Enter our New Mom Gift Basket giveaway for your chance to win a $200 prize!

Don’t be caught off guard, you need these mommy must-haves! A good stash of diapers is completely necessary, even if you think you have enough diapers, you definitely need more. Whether you’re planning on using disposable or cloth diapers, you need a good amount stashed away. You don’t want your 3 a.m. changing to end in disaster, babies go through diapers galore, so don’t run out!

Did you know that the top clothing item for a newborn is a bodysuit/onesie? A new mom will need lots of those in her arsenal, they’re easy to snap on and off baby for multiple changes. Plus, they are just so darn cute. No mother should be without a good swaddle blanket or two, babies love to be swaddled! Swaddling mimics what babies feel like in the womb so it can be super comforting to newborns. Like diapers, a good stash of wipes on hand is essential. You will use them dozens of times per day for wiping sticky hands, surfaces, for changing diapers and more. A portable changing pad is a great idea to have with you on mother baby outings. Nowadays most public bathrooms have changing stations, but is that really hygienic? A portable changing pad changes the game when it comes to sanitary pit stops. Everyone will tell you that you need multiple teething toys! There will come a time where you would do just about anything to make your baby’s teething pain go away, so an easy to chomp on toy is essential to the happiness of your baby girl or baby boy!

To hold all of these items you’ll need a super diaper bag, Super Mom! You will be toting bottles, blankets and multiple outfit changes, sometimes toys too.  One with several pockets and dividers is best to keep you organized and ready for anything. Plus, you need it to be fashion-forward, who says new moms can’t look their best?

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