This is an Members Only Draw offered by for our members only! Use your All Time Points to buy entries into prize draws you'd like to win. When the entries limit is reached, we'll do the draw!


We have a $5 CVS gift card to giveaway to one lucky winner and it could be you! 

This is a Members Only Draw offered by for our members! Use your points to buy entries into prize draws you'd like to win. When the time is up, we'll do the draw!

Your chance of winning this Members Only Draw depends on how many entries you use, and how many other members enter.

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To enter this sweepstake click on the “Win This” button. Each entry costs 50 points, which will be deducted from your All Time Points bank. You can enter an unlimited amount of times, so feel free to stock up on entries for prizes you’re really excited about, like a $5 CVS gift card!

Draw Completion

When this reaches 100% we do the draw


Your Entries: / 50

Your total number of entries for this draw

Member Entries: 2806

Total entries for this draw from all members

Winner is:
Terri From USA

Winners List

  • Terri.W on February 20th 2019

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