Free Box of Chocolate Dipped Fruit

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Do you love Edible Arrangements? Why not make it official and join the Edible Rewards Club. The club gives you members-only access to benefits you will love. These benefits include:

  • A Free Birthday Gift Surprise (12 count chocolate dripped fruit tray)
  • Delight Offers
  • VIP Gift Reminders
  • Speedy Checkout
  • Free Chocolate Dipped Fruit Box with every 3rd purchase and much more

Edible Arrangements is your go-to place for arrangements made to adore and eat!

Plus: Enter for your chance to win a free box of chocolate dipped fruit, visit the Edible Arrangements Facebook or Twitter page every Thursday. Look for the contest post to go up and then leave a comment.

Enter Edible Arrangements Trivia Thursday Contest (via Facebook).

Enter Edible Arrangements Trivia Thursday Contest (via Twitter).

Residents of the US and Canada can enter every Thursday. The contest is ongoing for 2018.

Want more exciting offers like this one? Sign up to be a Freebies member so you can earn points and redeem them towards our exciting members only prize draws!

This offer is only valid for Canada and USA

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