New Coming April 2019: What's Changed?

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Hey friends!

We have some exciting news to share with you regarding the changes we're making to our site to make your user experience the best it can be.

We've listened very closely to your comments and honest feedback when making improvements to our site and we'd like to give a big thank you to all our members.

In the new Freebies 2.0, launching this April, you'll notice some big changes like upgrades to your favourite features, a new ballot system, and more exclusive members-only samples and contests!

Why did we change it?

The new upgrades and additions to the site were designed with one goal in mind: give our members more freebies, more often.

Full details of our changes and upgrades to are outlined here, so make sure to learn what's new! In the meantime, please note the following update:

IMPORTANT: Members MUST update their current mailing address in the Freebies 'My Account' page, scrolled down under 'Personal Info'. This is the address we will ship your free samples and prizes to if you're selected. If a member is selected without a valid address in their Account, a new member will be randomly selected. This information is private on your account and is not shared with other parties.

Our process for getting your freebies to your door is now streamlined so it will take fewer days for your freebie to arrive! There is now an address area in your Account Details where you can add your delivery address for your freebies and prizes.

You Should Know: Freebies DOES NOT collect financial information. If you are being asked to provide credit card details, be cautious as you may have been redirected to a third-party site. We only contact our members via email and very rarely over the phone if we are having issues contacting a winner. Freebies does not telemarket to our members, but some third-party freebies and offers may have their own promotions (always read the fine print before you enter any offer.)

This offer is only valid for Canada, United Kingdom and USA

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