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If you or someone you love has dysphagia, this is the freebie for you. 

Slo Drinks is offering samples of their thickening sachets. 

Please keep in mind that this drink has been specially formulated for people with dysphagia. People with dysphagia have difficulty swallowing and are often uncomfortable.

Slo has added a special thickener to their drinks to help slow down the swallowing process.

To prevent too much thickener being added, Slo has special pouches with the exact amount of thickener in them. 

Slo drink sachets have enough thickener for one drink. This freebie might be exactly what you or someone you loves needs to feel more comfortable doing something we take for granted: swallowing. 

Once you have your thickener, simply add the sachet contents to your drink of choice. It will help change the consistency to be safe enough to swallow.

Slo was started when founder Matthew Done found out about the need for thickened drinks. Without them, it's too easy for these individual's food or drinks to accidentally go into their lungs instead of their stomach.

When selecting your sample, choose one that pairs with your favourite beverage. The different types of Slo available in sample packets are Slo Juice, Slo Iced Tea, Slo Fizzy, Slo Tea, Slo Coffee, Slo Wine, Slo Beer, Slo Lager and Slo Cider. 

Slo has really made it possible to enjoy any type of beverage. Having the packets small and portable allows for them to be used anywhere and avoiding any potential embarrassment in public.  

Make sure you consult your doctor about dysphagia before trying a new thickening product like Slo. 

To claim this offer, click through to the offer page and sign up for your free sample. Entery our shipping information to have your sample mailed to you!

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Good luck and enjoy your freebies!

This offer is only valid for Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA

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