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Construction workers have earplugs, and firefighters have respirators and protective clothing.

Now there is real protection on the market to counter unpleasant odours and create better working conditions; nose plugs – NOSA.

NOSA is offering free samples right now for their innovative nose plugs - hailed as the first discreet odour protection plugs in the world. 

NOSA plugs give a refreshing feeling and eliminate bad smell. Experience the first discreet odour protection in the world!

Years of product development resulted in a patented design that:

  • Reduces bad odour
  • Is easy to breathe through
  • Is discreet and comfortable
  • Widens the nostrils
  • Fresh menthol fragrance

Follow the link below and select 'Order a Free Sample' while supplies last!

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Good luck and enjoy!

This offer is only valid for United Kingdom

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