Free Recipe Books and Spices

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Hurry and claim this delicious freebie. 

Fire & Spice is offering both free recipe books and free samples of their Jalapeno Garlic sauce!

Hurry and claim this spicy freebie offer now while you can. 

Enjoy a free book of "Easy Beginner Recipes" for dishes with jalapenos and garlic as well a free their Jalapeno Garlic Sauce.

Whether you're a gourmet pro or a beginner, enjoy cooking with this sauce and easy to follow to book. 

Simply fill in your shipping and contact information on the form and click on the red "Request Sample" button. 

This offer is only valid while supplies last - and supplies are going fast. So claim your copy and sauce sampler now!

Fire & Spice writes that their Jalapeno Garlic sauce is the perfect condiment for any spring barbecue, and with grilling/barbecue season fast upon us, this recipe book could sure come in handy.

We believe try before you buy is always best, that's why we love finding free samples for our members. See how you like this product, totally free! 

And if you're a real barbecue aficionado, check out our recipe for delicious White BBQ Chicken Subs. Enjoy trying out a new recipe, and try adding a dash of the Jalapeno Garlic sauce if you enjoy a spicy dish!

Share this offer with your friends so they can also enjoy this free stuff by mail! 

Not a barbecue/spicy food fan? We posted an offer last week for a delicious free dessert recipe book download for some delicious desserts with maple syrup. And if you like sweet and spicy, enjoy both these delicious freebies now! 

Have fun grilling and sampling!

Click on the "Get It Now" button claim this offer.

This offer expires on April 12th, or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Samples are going first, be sure to claim yours now. 

Free Recipe Books and Spices

This offer is only valid for Canada and USA

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